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We want to collaborate!

We want to work together with partners from different sectors who want to help make a difference for children and young people in Kensington & Chelsea.

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Become a Young K&C Partner

There are over 18,000 businesses and organisations in Kensington & Chelsea and the borough is home to world class museums, top shopping districts and world-renowned events such as the Notting Hill Carnival!

We want to bring together organisations in Kensington & Chelsea to help small, local charities to connect with businesses and ensure that children and young people are aware of, and have access to, everything our borough has to offer.

Why partner with us?

As a Young K&C partner, you will help us connect a community of local businesses and voluntary groups with the shared purpose to empower the children and young people of Kensington and Chelsea.

Through our network of over 100 voluntary and community organisations across Kensington and Chelsea, reaching more than 10,000 children and young people, we have the power to connect you with those who are often unheard and unrecognised.

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Partnering with Young K&C isn’t about transactions, it’s about long-term transformation

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By becoming a member of our connected community, your business can directly impact the lives of children and young people, providing them with the support and opportunities they otherwise cannot access.

As a member of our community, you will:

Access tailored support to include children and young people within your social value mission

Engage with a local talent pools of young people

Develop long-term local relationships with the voluntary sector

Increase access commitment to volunteering opportunities


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    Together, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Young K&C have collaborated to provide training and resourcing opportunities for local voluntary organisations. We maintain a close working partnership to support local communities by distributing funding, developing programmes and providing training.


    • Stewart Electricals

      Through the donation of valued equipment to Young K&C, Stewart Electricals has supported the digital inclusion of young people within Kensington and Chelsea. Access to tablets has ensured young people are able to consult in decision making discussions shaping the future of youth services.

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    • Imperial College London

      Working together with Imperial College, Young K&C has hosted events in wonderful community spaces, engaging over 30 young people in exercises championing Youth Voice. Imperial College University has volunteered staff members at community events and hosted talks for our members. Together we are increasing access to education and skills development for children, young people and local voluntary organisations.