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Young K&C is committed to supporting local charity and voluntary organisations through grant giving.

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We invest funds into the local community to support growth and development for local children and young people by stimulating inclusive play, learning and fun. As a local funder, we are committed to ensuring all organisations eligible for our grants have an equal opportunity to accessing the funds.

Through working together with local business and funders, including the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the K+C Foundation, our grants cater to local needs. It is also vital to us that young voices are central in conversations that will determine their future. Young K&C grant panels are led by our Young Ambassadors to ensure funds are given to the opportunities young people need and value most.

We seek to fund a mixture of projects and core costs to support voluntary organisations in their range of needs. The areas we fund are informed by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Youth Inform Review, prioritising 5 key themes for children and young people.

Over 60
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distributed to the voluntary and community sector
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Making Space

As part of our commitment to inclusivity, Making Space supports local voluntary groups to adapt and enhance their existing projects to include children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. This fund is co-created with children and young people with additional needs and their families. We've worked collaboratively to design the priority areas for this grant to ensure there is support for those who need it across the voluntary sector.

Making Space is supported by the Julia and Hans Rausing Trust and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Projects funded by Making Space include:

  • Latimer Community Art Therapy (LCAT), Inclusion Lead

    Making Space has funded an Inclusion Lead to work at Latimer Community Art Therapy as a part time member of staff. The Inclusion Lead coordinates the additional support for disabled young people attending the sessions and ensures Latimer Community Art Therapy are equipped with resources to support their cohort.

  • Fit For Life Youth, Inclusive Youth Sessions

    Fit For Life Youth created an open access session for young people with special educational needs and disabilities at Lancaster Youth Club and FFLY HQ. The sessions work with young people with a range of needs to increase their wellbeing and physical activity.

Applications will reopen in September 2024

Exploring Culture, Heritage and Identity

Kensington & Chelsea is a borough full of cultures from all across the globe. We support the diverse communities in Kensington & Chelsea by providing grants to fund projects that bring together local communities through an exploration of history and diversity. Exploring Culture, Heritage and Identity funds local voluntary organisations celebrating and exploring the cultures, histories and diversity of local communities in Kensington and Chelsea with support from John Lyon’s Charity.

Projects funded by Exploring Culture, Heritage and Identity include:

  • Cultural Day by Eritrean Parent's and Children's Association

    Planned by 6 young people, the Eritrean Parent's and Children's Association created an exhibition for young people and their families to share their cultures. The event hosted over 80 children and young people sharing their history and culture through food, music and fashion. In a post-lockdown celebration, communities were able to come together to appreciate and celebrate the diverse cultures in Kensington & Chelsea.

    “The party was awesome, the dancing was amazing, but the cake was even better!”
    – Jannah

  • Chelsea FC Foundation, Consultation Group

    The Chelsea FC Foundation hosted a group of 12 young people who opened a dialogue on issues of inclusivity, equality and race in their communities. Together in the group they shared their experience of being stopped and searched, how safe they felt in the borough and the impact of the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement. Young people presented their experiences and recommendations on improving young people’s experience in RBKC to the senior management team, coaches and local partners. Following the end of the programme, recommendations made by the young people have been taken on and actioned by RBKC, Chelsea FC Foundation and Young K&C

    “If you had met me two years ago, I would have never done anything like this, so it's really cool” - Jasmine

Applications will reopen in Autumn 2024

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Wellness From Within

Young K&C is pleased to be working with Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust on this grant programme for voluntary sector organisations to reduce the risks of disordered eating for young people aged between 14-25.

The aim of this grant programme is to support voluntary and community sector organisations to contribute to prevention and early intervention programmes, working with young people aged between 14-25 to help to address issues including self-esteem, pressures to conform to sociocultural appearance ideals, body dissatisfaction, media, and social media literacy, dieting and body change behaviours, and interventions involving parents/carers which aim to prevent eating disorders.

Grant will reopen in 2025

Our Choice

Our Choice is our small grants programme, supported by John Lyon’s Charity, to fund activities that support girls, young women and/or LGBTQIA+ young people. As part of the grant, small local organisations can apply for funds to develop a new or existing project to support 0-25 year olds across Kensington and Chelsea.

Projects funded by Our Choice include:

  • Kids on The Green, Alphabet People

    Funding from this grant allowed young people from Kids On The Green to set up North Kensington’s first LGBTQIA++ group for local young people, Alphabet People. Alphabet People provide LGBTQIA+ young people with the space and opportunity to truly feel themselves in a respected and encouraging environment.

    “Alphabet People is the first place where my name, identity and pronouns have been respected. Alphabet People is a truly unique place” – Evan

  • Abundance Arts, Good Sticks and Stones

    The Good Sticks and Stones project funded 9-18 year olds to design stones and creative work to sit in the St Charles Centre for Health and Wellbeing garden. The project was aimed at supporting children and young people who had been affected by isolation following COVID-19.

    “Thanks to nature, I like art and play. I’m glad I took part!” - Young person, aged 9

Grant will reopen in 2025

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Our grants work to ensure all children and young people in Kensington & Chelsea have access to high quality support in their local area.


Questions about grants?

We welcome local business, organisations or charities who wish to collaborate or support our members through a grant programme. If you or your organisation would like to find out more on how you can contribute to our grants, please get in touch using the contact details below.

As part of our work to support local voluntary organisations, we also want to hear from the charities that are looking for funding or have previously received a grant from us. We want to make sure all organisations have equal access to securing a grant from us. Please get in touch using the contact details below if you have any suggestions for supporting the development of our grant programme:

Nicola Butler | Chief Executive Officer