Young K&C is an exciting, new cross-sector partnership, creating a community of member and partner organisations working together to support children and young people.

We want all children and young people in Kensington and Chelsea to have access to inspiring, local opportunities to help them to pursue their ambitions and be part of their community.

Core funding from John Lyon's Charity and Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea pays for all overheads and enables us to ensure that all additional funds and donations go straight to supporting children.

What we do

Young K&C brings together businesses, employers, voluntary, community and public sector organisations to create great opportunities for children and young people.

We support local charities and non-profit organisations in Kensington and Chelsea with information sharing, advice, networking and small grants.

We work on behalf of our members to develop long-term partnerships with businesses, public sector partners, individuals and major funders. Partnerships facilitate support and broker funding for our members.

Why we're here

Young K&C was set up to bring together partnerships and target support for local children and young people. Kensington and Chelsea has some of the most wealthy areas in the country, but it also has areas of disadvantage.

- 38% of children and young people are growing up in poverty
- Income inequality greatest of any London borough
- Impact of the Grenfell fire on children and young people in areas affected
- Reductions in funding for charities working with children and young people

What young people say

Our work is led and informed by the priorities identified by children and young people in Kensington and Chelsea.

“I think that it’s extremely important that ‘Young People’ get a chance to say what they want to do as it’s their future.” (Child, aged 12, Kensington & Chelsea Youth Review)

Children and young people in Kensington & Chelsea want to have more say on the things that matter to them. They have identified four priority areas:

Future and ambition
Safety and security
Community and environment
Healthy, happy lives

We are proud members of the YPF Network that has been developed in response to the ongoing challenges facing the Children and Young People’s sector. Young People’s Foundations (YPF’s) bring together the public, private and voluntary sectors to effect positive change for young people.

Together we share a common goal – to help create and champion a more impactful, co-ordinated and sustainable sector to ensure all children and young people have access to quality support and opportunities.

Based in our local communities, each YPF's services are based on the needs and assets of our area.

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Meet the Team

Young K&C is supported by a great team of Staff and Trustees. Find out more about us here.
  • Nicola Butler
    Nicola Butler

    Nicola has extensive experience of running voluntary sector children and youth services. In her previous role at Hackney Play Association, she was responsible for managing adventure playgrounds, youth clubs and Hackney’s play streets project.

    Nicola has served as a trustee of local children’s charities and as Chair of the national children’s charity, Play England. She is an author of Play England’s guidance, 'Design for Play: a guide to creating successful play spaces'.

    Nicola is passionate about children and young people having better opportunities for play, fun and enjoyment.

  • Anita Richards
    Anita Richards
    Fundraising and Development Manager

    Anita has extensive experience in fundraising, capacity building and community engagement. She is a member of the Institute of Fundraising and has worked with a wide range of charities, from small local grassroots to large national charities like ABF The Soldiers Charity. Anita is passionate about providing increased opportunities for children and young people who are from diverse communities. Having two children herself, she understands the importance of equipping children and young people with greater skills and confidence, as they make their journey into adulthood and society as a whole.

    Anita is passionate about unlocking the skills and capabilities of micro-sized organisations, empowering them to support children and young people across RBKC. Working towards building greater partnerships across the sector, providing small groups with maximum opportunities to extend their core services.

  • Niamh Graham
    Niamh Graham
    Marketing and Communications Manager

    Niamh has growing experience in delivering digital marketing, social media and branding. She has previously worked with charities in the education sector. Much of her work in previous roles was centred around working with children to provide safe, secure and fun spaces for children to develop their skills.

    Niamh is passionate about alleviating inequality in education. She is deeply committed to providing children and young people with the best possible opportunities to realise their full potential.

  • Razaz Malem
    Razaz Malem
    Membership Manager

    Razaz has a strong educational background, holding a master’s degree in Management. She enjoys working with children, having experience working in play spaces and tutoring. Her latest volunteering role at EMYUK as Head of Events provides a community for young people to network, help with career choices and creates a safe social space. As she loves a challenge, she worked abroad as an English Teacher which was an experience of a lifetime.

    Razaz is passionate in creating spaces for children and young people in the borough to have opportunities and safe spaces. She is fluent in Arabic and continues to challenge herself to learn other languages. She hopes to get to know all of Young K&C's members and support them in their journeys. Having spent a lot of time in the borough, she recognises the importance of all community organisations and charities. Razaz loves working with others and looks forward to helping Members with us at Young K&C.

  • Andy Evans
    Andy Evans
    Chair of Trustees

    As CEO of QPR In the Community, Andy has over 30 years’ experience working with children and young people across West London. Andy grew up in the Westminster W11 which sits on the boarder of RBKC, as a young person Andy enjoyed his youth in the borough with friends. Sport was massively important to Andy, and kept him focused, once he completed his sports qualifications and gained his coaching badges, he was presented an opportunity to work for his dream club QPR. Andy has used his influence at QPR to develop programmes to not only identify local talent, but to develop community cohesion through sports and mentorship. Andy is working closely with communities to open local spaces to improve the quality of neighbourhoods across North Kensington. Andy is a strong advocate for sport, education, career development, mentorship and social opportunities for underrepresented and at-risk groups. Andy states being a trustee at Young K&C is important “to provide children and young people in the borough with opportunities for them to fulfil their potential and thrive”.

  • Simone Haynes
    Simone Haynes

    Simone is an author, teacher and producer. She specialises in creating engaging digital art and literacy programmes for young people. Simone has written three books, ‘Money Management for Beginners’, ‘Cells Pitch – Teaching Prisoners Entrepreneurship’ and her most recent creation ‘Leroy London - Hood Dreams’ is the first in a planned series of comedic graphic styled children’s book. Simone is a true believer in entrepreneurship, as demonstrated by her leaving a nine-year career within Barclays Corporate to set up her own charity, teaching young offenders within prisons; inspired by her nephew’s incarceration. Her ambition is to create accessible opportunities for marginalised and disengaged young people globally. As an inner-city teacher with over ten years of experience, she is frequently exposed to the diverse, humorous and often complex realities of young people living in London. All too often their life chances and access to engage in activities outside of their peer groups are restricted due to constraints imposed by negative stereotypes or societies hierarchical system. Simone became a trustee so that she could help to level the playing field. She wants to provide young people with access to opportunities they would normally find themselves excluded from. Growing up in the cultural diaspora of Ladbroke Grove has helped Simone to nurture the belief that every child deserves the right to pursue their dreams and aspirations, regardless of race, class or gender. Being a trustee helps this vision become a step closer to reality.

  • Cllr Emma Will
    Cllr Emma Will

    Emma is Ward Councillor for the Royal Hospital ward and the lead member for Culture, Leisure and Community Safety. Emma is deeply committed to the health and wellbeing of children and young people across the borough. In addition to her role as ward councillor Emma is a lead member for London Councils Children and Young People, and a trustee Kensington Aldridge Academy and London Youth Games.