Detached and Outreach Team

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About Organisation

The Detached and Outreach Team (DOT) engage with young people through street-based activities (detached work).

By being situated in the places young people spend time, The DOT Workers can gain an understanding of the issues that young people experience and direct young people to services that exist in their area for support (outreach work).

The team will deliver projects and activities such as music studios, football and girl’s groups. Please contact us to find out what activities we are running in your area.

The DOT are visible in the community Monday-Friday from 3pm-6pm or 6pm-9pm.

Occasional Saturday sessions will be delivered in times of need. For example, during half term breaks and summer holidays.

Contact us:

DOT Management
Jackie Scarparo, Deputy Team Manager

Detached and Outreach Team
36C Oxford Gardens
London, W10 5UQ

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