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About Organisation

Becauze CIC is an independent, not for profit organisation founded in 2020 to tackle social inequality between young people within communities.

Becauze CIC believes that through experience they can help the most hard to reach young people. Families and neighbourhoods will be offered a support service which helps to build productive, worthwhile and stable futures which benefits the wider communities.

As experts on Serious Youth Violence (SYV), we are ideally placed to understand the complex landscapes facing young people.
We are actively tackling Serious Youth Violence by:
– Engaging with communities to understand their individual community needs
– Giving young people a voice on SYV and the issues that affect them
– Supporting young people with skills and education to gain employment
– Youth Engagement on the street. Prevention and intervention work covering gangs, drugs, youth violence, weapons, county lines, child sexual exploitation and much more.
– Parental engagement providing advice and information to guardians and parents of young people at risk or involved in SYV or gangs

Our targeted services are aimed at:
– Young people up to 24
– Young ex offenders