Young K&C Member Spotlight March 2021: Young Healthwatch Westminster

From March 2021, Young K&C are introducing a monthly Member Spotlight feature, our first Member Spotlight is from Young Healthwatch Westminster, a group of young volunteers who share a hunger for the voices of young people to be heard in the design and delivery of mental health services.

They aim to ensure that all young people are aware of all the mental health support that is out there and how to access it, and that their voices are heard in mental health provision, planning and delivery.

Watch the video (or read the text transcript) below to find out more about their organisation and what they do to support children and young people in RBKC.

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Text transcript:

Who are Young Healthwatch Westminster and what do you do for young people?

Young Healthwatch Westminster are the youth arm of charity, Healthwatch Central West London. We are a small group, but with a lot to say.

Our mental health campaign is twofold. Firstly we listen to what young people are telling us, and ensure that this is fed into how decision makers plan, and deliver, support. Secondly, we use what young people are telling us to help us plan projects, and connect these young people with the guidance and support they require. We’re currently working on an online wellbeing event and some engagement with schools.

At the heart of what we do are our volunteers, they’re involved in every element of our operations, from helping us to plan and run workshops to raise awareness about mental health, to creating content, presenting at meetings, the list goes on. We invest in them with training to ensure they have the expertise and support to speak for themselves, but also to represent young people across Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster.

What are the current challenges faced by the young people you work with?

We work in an area with real health and wealth disparities, so there are a multitude of concerns. But the challenges we hear from young people consistently centre around access. How to find the correct information on Covid, accessing support with their mental health, along with high levels of stress as a result of school, exams, anxieties around their future, and of course access to technology.

Where can young people go to find out more about you and your resources?

For more about us, search Young Healthwatch Westminster in your internet browser, you can also find us on Instagram and on Twitter.

That’s it from me, stay safe and take care.

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