Young K&C Member Spotlight December 2021: London Sport

This month's Member Spotlight is London Sport, who support young Londoners by encouraging activity and ensuring local play spaces are safe. London Sport work with Londoners to encourage a healthier and happier lifestyle for all

Watch the video (or read the text transcript) below to find out more about their organisation and what they do.

Text Transcript

can you tell us who london Sport are and how you support young people?

London Sport exists to make London the most physically active city in the world.

We believe that physical activity and sport has the ability to change lives for the better and we want to utilise physical activity to help all Londoners live happier, healthier lives.

One of our aspirations is to give all young Londoners the best opportunity to form a positive physical activity habit for life. To do this, our aims are to provide young people with more and different opportunities to get active in the ways that suit them. To create more safe spaces for young Londoners, to get active in and to develop young leaders for physical activity to empower and inspire others.

One of our current projects is the Urban Sport Project, funded by the John Lyons Charity. This project works across North West London and aims to get young people more active in their local urban area. This can include sports such as parkour, skateboarding, wall ball and many more, and we offer support and funding for volunteer training opportunities.

Once interested groups have been identified, we work with young people to co-create activities and sports that fit their needs and interests and local spaces.

What are some of the challenges faced by young people and how do you support them?

The Urban Sport Project aims to tackle the barriers that young people face to get more active and getting more involved in sport and activity. By giving people a say in what they want to see being delivered, we give ownership and empowerment to them.

The project also provides young people with new and different opportunities to get active by offering less traditional sports, reaching out to wider audiences.

We're also trying to tackle the issue of safe spaces by offering sports and activity in their local urban spaces and consulting on where groups would like to use. We aim to help them feel more confident and comfortable to be active in their local area and provide them with different opportunities if they lack green space or facilities.

Where can young people go to find out more and get involved?

To find out more about London Sport and the Urban Sport Project, please visit or email with any questions.

Young people can also check out our Instagram page to see tips and tricks on how to get involved with Urban Sport @UrbanSportLondon