How can we invest in RBKC? | Earth Day 2022

Posted on: 22/04/2022 in: News , Children , Young People
Happy Earth Day! This year's theme is #InvestInOurPlanet and it got us wondering how we can invest in RBKC to preserve and protect our local spaces and community...

Each year Earth Day reminds us all to take time to appreciate this beautiful planet we live on and how we can protect it. The theme of this year's Earth Day is "Invest In Our Planet", to take action to preserve and protect our livelihoods, our local spaces and our health.

The Earth is dramatically changing as we spend our time burning fossil fuels to fuel human activities. We've seen rapid changes in temperature, droughts, floods and forest fires cover all parts of the globe.

As scary as this seems, we all have the opportunity to Invest in Our Plant and preserve our local spaces!

By working in local spaces we invest our time and energy into our planet to rebuild spaces, encouraging nature to flourish. In RBKC, we have many local organisations working in the community to create public outdoor spaces full of inspiration, education and unity.

Have a look at the organisations below to see how you can invest your time into our planet:

ACAVA - ACAVA run creative growing projects in North Kensington for families, with a focus on wellbeing and emotional resilience.

Grow2Know - Grow2Know inspire change in the community by reclaiming space and connecting people back to nature.

Volunteer Centre - Running a wellbeing project, the Volunteer Centre gardening project offers wellbeing support for North Kensington residents to maintain community spaces.

Holland Park Ecology Centre - The Ecology Centre is an invaluable space for families and schools to enjoy and learn about the natural environment.

At Young K&C, we are working on the outside space of Lancaster Youth Hub to revitalise the earth and fill it with flowers, greenery, vegetables and herbs. We want to invest our time into this space so that local children and young people will learn about horticulture and be able to, quite literally, reap what they sow.

To find out more about Earth Day 2022 visit here: