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| 8 months ago

I attended a very interesting coding project organised by the Learning Club. I really enjoyed the online communication and coding sessions. It was well planned and structured as it was easy for me to follow. The work load was just right, so I managed to finish the project with enough time, I learnt about creating online applications and did not feel over loaded and rushed. The trainers were great and the project material was very well organised. Overall, I feel that I have gained a lot from the project. Thank you for giving me such an amazing opportunity to learn a new programming language and efficient ways to communicate with others to do my day to day work and study”.
Kate. P, 23 years old. Nov 2020

"I joined an online training program in Technology and the Next Generation run by the Learning Club in September 2020. The course was for 10 weeks and was the perfect start for me to peruse a career in IT! As a beginner, it was easy to understand, easy to follow and easy to code using a various coding and communications platforms. Thank you so much for offering us such a wonderful way to learn."
Jover Hermoso, 19 years old. Nov 2020

“At the beginning of the problem solving and life skills project, I felt that I wanted to leave because I found it difficult, but the teaching and delivery approach, the presentation and the kind treatment of the trainers changed my mind and prompted me to strive to work hard and smartly. Really, I learned from the trainers that success has value and meaning. Also, that dedication and sincerity in work or education is very important and I believe that there is nothing impossible in the way of creativity and advancement."
Siham. E, 16 years old. May 2020

"The further university courses and careers advice session that I have attended online that was organised by your organisation changed my life. Now, I am working as an IT Technician in the city for a well known company. I am happy and I feel that there is a purpose for my life. I also found my passion"
Aman Aziz. 24 years old. May 2020

"A very good leadership project, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for organising those sessions Mr. Sharif." 
Yazan Ahmed, 11years old. Jan 2019

"I managed to do well in my year 6 SATs exams and also in the year 7 entry exam in English and Maths. Therefore, I am now in Band A group in my year groups. This is due to the support that I had from your Learning Club which I appreciate so much. This is the best after school club that I have ever been to."
Kian, 10 years old. Sep 2018

“This is the best Learning Club that my kids have ever attended."
Sonia, Mother of Emily 10 years old, Thomas 12 years old and Sophie 13 years old. 2018

“My son did really well in his Year 6 English and Maths SATs and Year 7 entry exams. Now he is in Band A in Year 7. All due to your support and help."
Marry Ann, Mother of Kian, 11 years old and Kyle, 13 years old. 2019

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No application required, simply go on the next available date.