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About Organisation

Wsha organisation is constructed similarly to those in communities. We intend on supporting Kurdish and Asian families who are disadvantaged due to the circumstances of their wealth or family.

These families may be overwhelmed living in Kensington and Chelsea and other boroughs of London due to the fact that there are different lifestyles introduced in contrast to their home country. As an organisation, we aim to relieve this stress by highlighting that they are not alone in these circumstances. Moreover, these families may have received extra stress from the recent pandemic that has gone world-wide. We aspire to support these people to help soften their suffering.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, we had already been supporting these types of people and making their lives better by contacting with them, relieving their stress, educating them. We are helping them to go back to their normal lives and start job in convenient places and having their children participate in educational activities to help put everyone's mind at ease.

Also, despite the coronavirus pandemic having intercepted physical contact between us as a community, we have been participating in regular communication such as phone calls and Zoom meeting. We'd like to provide these families with aid and prevent them from any means of material deprivation, such as not being able to have enough food for the day or lacking technology, such as computers and access to internet. Despite their learning, our education will help them to find jobs.

We have heard from our clients that our plan has helped them. We are teaching them Kurdish language and Mathematics. we placed them in the classes at 7 Thorpe Close. Also we have zoom classes since the pandemic started. We have had feedback from our customers, which we found that they have been educated and we have helped them greatly.

Chesterton Road
London, W10

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