The Learning Club Community Association

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About Organisation

The Learning Club Community Association is a community focused, non-profitable organisation that delivers STEM projects such coding, programming, web design and Robotics to children, young people and adults. We deliver sports projects, life skills workshops and sessions related to the British curriculum such English, Maths, Science, Game Design and Computer Science. We also offer group and 1-2-1 advice on healthy eating and emotional health and wellbeing.

We work closely with the BAME communities, local and national organisations such as schools, further education, higher education, charity organisations, companies and the Worldskills UK to enable children, young people and adults to collaborate with each other and enhance their educational skills, teamwork skills, IT skills, life skills and problem-solving skills.

Our projects aim to build young people confidence and self-esteem and reconnect them with older people from different backgrounds and communities to reestablish their traditional cultures, identity and heritage.

We brings children, young people and adults from the local communities together to tackle the differences through our project ideas to provide inclusive, collaborative educational workshops and sports activities fully tailored into the curriculum subjects.

We provide excursions to workshop and seminars organised by large corporate such as Google, HPE, Microsoft Micro-bits, CodeNode (Skills Matter), Chelsea FC and Oracle around the UK.

We remove community isolation and exclusion through inclusive practices that develop and raise strong team presence by allowing youth led team-based projects, research enhanced enquiry and continuous self-review and presentation skills for young people as future leaders.

The Learning Club Community Association
1 Thorpe Close
London, W10 5XL

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