Baraka Community Association

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About Organisation

Baraka Community Association is a highly respected, community-led organisation that delivers high-quality youth mentoring, sports, parenting support and intergenerational work with Somali and BAME communities. Baraka Community Association focuses on building skills and creating safe spaces for children and young people. Through Supplementary Schooling, children aged 8-15 are supported, offered homework and coaching clubs to improve achievement, catch up, keep up and get ahead. Young people aged 16-24 are offered enrichment opportunities including activities and experiences to promote their academic, personal, social, recreational and cultural abilities. A mentoring and tutoring program is offered on a regular basis as well as artistic and cultural self-expression activities and access to sports and technology. Young people are offered workshops in risky behaviour prevention, conflict resolution and financial literacy.

Baraka Community Association
383 Ladbroke Grove
London, W10 5AA

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