Young K&C Member Spotlight September 2021: ACAVA

This month's Member Spotlight is ACAVA, who empower local residents through creativity and wellbeing. In RBKC, ACAVA provides a range of programmes that allow children, young people and families to explore art and reconnect with the community and each other.

Watch the video (or read the text transcript) below to find out more about their organisation and what they do.

Who are ACAVA and how are you helping young people?

Founded nearly 50 years ago ACAVA is one of the largest and longest running artist studio providers in the UK. In Kensington and Chelsea we deliver life-long opportunities for local people to engage in creativity. As a pioneer of arts in health and wellbeing, many of our programmes support community recovery following the Grenfell fire. And now we are developing ways to help local people reconnect following the pandemic. In K&C we run a number of initiatives for families, children and young people.

Can you tell us about the programmes you run for young people?

Flourish is our flagship family learning programme. Running each school holiday, primary aged children, their siblings and parent/carers, collaborate with professional creatives to explore what art is and can be, in a pressure free environment.

Young Artists is our new term time initiative for school aged children and young people. Working to co-create and exhibit work alongside professional artists, our young artists explore what it means to be a creative, and are exposed to the many career options open to them in the arts and cultural sector.

Where can young people go to find out more about you and get involved?

To find out more about what we've got to offer you can follow us on Instagram @acavanorthken, check out our website or follow the link below to sign up to our newsletter.

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