Inspiring Young K&C: Small Grants 2021

Local voluntary organisations working with children and young people in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea can apply for funding of up to £5,000 (or up to £10,000 for projects with disabled children) for activities that inspire and engage children and young people.

We would like children and young people to lead these applications and to be young ambassadors for their organisation. The funding can be used for a new project or as core funding. Decisions will be made by our grants panel, including local young people.

Our priority areas

We want to fund activities that make a difference to children and young people based on the priority areas identified by local young people in RBKC’s Youth Inform review, including:

  • Future and Ambition
  • Safety and Security
  • Community and Environment
  • Healthy, Happy Lives
  • Exploring Culture, Heritage and Identity

Quality Principles

We want to fund quality activities and services for children and young people. We are looking for organisations that:

  • Make sure that all participants feel welcome and included, particularly those who are new or are from underrepresented groups
  • Base their activities on the needs and wishes of children and young people
  • Involve children and young people and let them have a say in the decisions that affect them and how things are run
  • Communicate well, advertise opportunities and reach out, so that local children and young people are aware of opportunities and what’s on
  • Implement good standards in governance and safeguarding

Equalities, diversity and inclusion

We want to fund work that supports and prioritises equalities, diversity and inclusion. This includes projects involving:

  • Disabled children and young people
  • Children and young people from diverse backgrounds
  • Girls and young women
  • LGBTQI++ young people
  • Children and young people who are growing up in poverty

We are happy to make reasonable adaptations to our grant process for disabled children and young people. If your organisation is working with disabled young people, please contact us to discuss.

How to Apply

To apply your organisation will need to be a registered charity or community interest company (CIC) that is a member of Young K&C, with a turnover under £1,000,000.

If your organisation is not registered as a charity or community interest company, you can still apply, but we will require your organisation to register as part of our grant conditions. We may also ask you to set aside some of your grant funding from us towards the cost of registration support.

Your organisation will have uploaded its details and up to date information about projects for children and young people on the Young K&C website. Click here to download our Website Guide for instructions on how to add and update your organisation profile and projects.

Your organisation must be working with children and young people (aged up to 25) who live, work or study in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Some of these young people will need to be able to represent your organisation and present your application to the grants panel either on Zoom or in person.

You can apply by completing the application form below and sending it by email to Please send supporting documents including: Safeguarding Policy, Equalities Monitoring Form, recent bank statement and Insurance Certificate.

Our next deadline is Monday 21 June for funding to start in August / September 2021.

If you wish to send a short video explaining what you want to do and why, you are welcome to send this to by WeTransfer or send us a link. The video is optional, but it does help the grant panel with their decisions.

The Rules

  • Your organisation must be a registered charity or community interest company that is a member of Young K&C with turnover under £1,000,000. If your organisation is not a registered charity or CIC, you will be asked to register.
  • Your activities must take place in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.
  • Your activities must be for children and young people aged up to 25.
  • All activities must take place within 1 year of a grant being made.
  • We will ask your organisation to be represented by up to three local children and young people. These young people will be invited to attend an online or in person interview about your application.
  • Your organisation will be asked to send a report at the end of your project explaining what difference the project made and what the costs were.
  • We will take into consideration previous monitoring information that your organisation has provided to Young K&C.
  • If the grant fund is over-subscribed, the panel will give priority to smaller organisations and those that are led by and work with under-represented groups.
  • The decision of the grant panel is final.

Click here to find our Top Tips for Writing Funding Applications. If you have any questions or want further information about these grants, please contact