No Min - £15,000
30 Sep 2022
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UnLtd Awards

Grants plus business support are available to social entrepreneurs that are looking to start or grow an existing social venture. The funding is being made available through the UnLtd the leading provider of support to social entrepreneurs in and around the UK.

Starting your social business

Up to £5,000

We can support people from the early stages of forming an idea, to those who have been trading for under a year, whether or not you have already established your organisation. This includes exploring ways to increase your impact, establish your financial sustainability and grow as a social leader.

Growing your social business

Up to £15,000

You are already running a social business that is making a positive difference and you have compelling evidence of your impact. You are looking for our support to realise your potential to grow your impact and expand.

Our focus areas

In addition to our Awards, we have two focus areas where we think social entrepreneurs can make a big difference. We have dedicated teams and specialist support available to social entrepreneurs with ideas to help people in these areas.

Health and Safety

Over the next five years we want to improve the health and wellbeing of 135,000 marginalised older adults in the UK, and reduce health inequalities.

Access to Employment

You have a business idea aimed at helping people into good jobs and meaningful employment, particularly those who are currently denied those opportunities.


Social entrepreneur


  • Are 16+ years old.
  • Living in the UK.
  • The founder of the social business.


  • Looking for funding for a one-off or short-term project where there is limited potential for a sustained and longer-term impact.
  • Requests for support which are predominately for the individual to undertake academic qualifications or overseas travel
  • Individuals who plan to employ others to undertake most of the work on their behalf

Social business


  • Has the potential to be a financially sustainable business or real prospects to grow with our support
  • Can demonstrate a clear need for your idea or social business
  • Is clearly driven by its social purpose
  • Needs our financial and non-financial support to make it happen


  • Is predominantly focused on having an impact on people or places outside the UK
  • Legally established for over four years at the time of application (Companies House or Charity Commission registration)
  • Had a turnover of over £250,000 in their last financial year
  • Political or involves religious campaigning.
  • Involves activities outside of the law, against public policy or anything which encourages ethnic, religious or commercial disharmony
  • Social businesses whose focus is raising awareness of social issues