No Min - £750
30 Jun 2021
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Poundland Foundation: Kits 4 Kids

The Poundland Foundation supports organisations working to transform communities and change lives across the UK.

Our first grant window is Kits 4 Kids.

If you’re a local sports club or organisation looking for support for your team, then we’d love to hear from you. Use this application form to apply for a grant of up to £750 to provide kit or equipment for your team. Applications are not eligible from profit-making organisations.

• I am applying on behalf of a kids’ sports club looking for support
• My organisation supports children or young people up to the age of 18
• I understand that successful applications will receive a grant of up to £750
• If successful, we’ll use the grant to purchase kit or equipment to be used by our team
• My organisation has a child protection and safeguarding policies that I can share as part of this application
• I’m happy that Poundland are likely to request that their logo and branding is included on any sports kit purchased with the grant