£500 - £10,000
14 Feb 2022
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Mayor of London: Building Strong Communities

By 2025 all Londoners will have access to a community hub ensuring they can volunteer, get support and build strong networks. We will develop the idea of community hubs through engagement with London’s communities. At their core ‘hubs’ go beyond physical spaces and are about providing Londoners with access to support, knowledge and the ability to participate confidently in community life.

We know that London’s communities have been hugely impacted by Covid-19. Some communities have been disproportionally affected by the pandemic in areas such as health, employment, housing and access to green spaces.

The Mayor of London is offering funding for the capital's voluntary and community organisations to enable community-led projects that help to meet at least one of the following outcomes:

  • Londoners are supported to shape their communities post Covid-19
  • Unheard voices are amplified and heard so that communities have influence and control over decisions
  • Feelings of belonging are increased; loneliness and social isolation are decreased
  • Feelings of connection within and across communities are strengthened

If you require support to complete your application and are from one of the groups listed below, our equity partners would be happy to speak to you. You may require support if, for example, English isn’t your first language, if you haven’t applied for a fund like this before or you would like to discuss a project idea:

For applicants from a DPPO (Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisation) please contact our partner, Inclusion London at Ailsa.McWilliam@inclusionlondon.org.uk or by calling Ailsa McWilliam on 07935 378564/landline on 020 7237 318/SMS only on 0771 839 4687.

LGBTIQA+ groups: Consortium – briony@consortium.lgbt 020 7064 6505

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups: Ubele – Deborah.robinson@ubele.org

Women Centred groups: Women’s Resource Centre – admin@wrc.org.uk