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Lloyds Bank Foundation

We fund small and local charities, investing in their work helping people overcome complex social issues across England and Wales.

We support charities with an annual income of £25,000 to £1 million with a proven track record of helping people on a journey of positive change through in-depth, holistic and person-centred support.

We offer unrestricted funding, including around core costs, and tailored development support to help your charity be more effective.

We award grants of £50,000 over 2 years.

We fund charities which work with people over a prolonged period (a minimum of 12-weeks).

You can download our full eligibility criteria here or simply use our eligibility checker.

We apply few restrictions to the grants we make, instead we trust charities to spend their money how they see fit. Therefore, we do not ask for a budget, or how the money will be spent.

Our applications are open all-year round. We aim to give you a decision within four months.


No Min - £50,000
no deadline
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