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Kensington and Chelsea Foundation: Green Shoots

As part of the Grenfell Community Development Fund, we have set up an easily accessible small grants fund called Green Shoots for projects designed to bring hope and joy to the North Kensington community. This funding is for one-off events and short-term projects such as cultural and celebration events, school holiday activities, workshops, sports sessions, and equipment for your group. Activities can take place both in person and online.

You can apply for more than one project a year, but normally the maximum amount awarded to any one organisation in a 12-month period will be £2,500.

All projects must be able to demonstrate how they will benefit the community affected by Grenfell, which means those directly affected by the fire, as well as people living, working or going to school or college in North Kensington.

Green Shoots is open to local voluntary and community groups, faith groups, residents’ associations and community interest companies limited by guarantee. If your group is not constituted i.e. does not have its own bank account, you must find a local constituted organisation which is willing to vouch for you and hold funds on your behalf.