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John Lyon's Charity: Schools in Partnership Fund

We are committed to helping the most disadvantaged young people by promoting the crucial link between schools, home-life and the community.  We encourage schools to work together in groups and cluster arrangements, maximising limited resources to impact on a larger number of children and share learning and best practice.

Schools in Partnership Application Process

  • The maximum grant award under the Schools in Partnership Fund is £50,000 and generally grants are awarded between £25,000 and £50,000. Funding is available for a maximum of three years. 
  • All state schools within the Charity’s Beneficial Area are eligible to apply to the Schools in Partnership Fund.
  • Applications should be submitted by groups of schools (of two or more).
  • Preferably there should be a partnership with a local voluntary organisation (where appropriate).
  • Applications can be made for programmes that aim to support your most challenged pupils, those that help strengthen links with home-life and coordinate the support of other available professionals.
  • Typically, applications centre on a key worker, based at the “lead school”, who is responsible for the application and reporting process to John Lyon’s Charity as well as for managing the project. Key workers could also move between schools throughout the week, in the case of a therapist for example.

How To Apply

Proposals for Schools in Partnership are considered by the Trustee three times a year in March, June and November.

When applying for Schools in Partnership, we operate a two-stage application process.  Please note that it takes at least six months for the application process to be completed, so please bear in mind when your project is due to take place and apply in plenty of time. 

If you are unsure as to whether you are eligible, please read the Grant Policies and check the Eligibility Tracker before going any further.

If you feel Schools in Partnership is the right grant for you, please click here to find out further information regarding the application process and begin your application.


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