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The Wolfson Foundation: Funding for Special Schools and Colleges

£15,000 - £75,000 Deadline: no deadline

We support schools and colleges for children and young people with special educational needs. Grants are awarded for projects focussed on helping pupils to develop skills which would help them to gain employment or live independently after leaving school or college.

One Family: Young Person's Education Grants

No Min - £500 Deadline: no deadline

A little bit of help towards meeting the essential costs of education and training for young people aged 15-19.

Kensington & Chelsea Foundation: Community Spirit Small Fund

No Min - £1,000 Deadline: no deadline

This funding is for one-off events and short-term projects such as cultural and celebration events, school holiday activities, workshops, sports sessions and equipment for your group. Activities can take place both in person and online. They encourage applications for projects and activities which are as inclusive as possible.

John Lyon's Charity: Schools in Partnership Fund

No Min - £50,000 Deadline: no deadline

We are committed to helping the most disadvantaged young people by promoting the crucial link between schools, home-life and the community.  We encourage schools to work together in groups and cluster arrangements, maximising limited resources to impact on a larger number of children and share learning and best practice.

Sport England: Return to Play Active Together

No Min - £10,000 Deadline: no deadline

A £7.5 million fund, with up to £10,000 in match funding, as part of a support package to help clubs and organisations set up and run crowdfunding campaigns related to Covid-19, such as for a loss of income due to the pandemic.

Idlewild Trust

No Min - £6,000 Deadline: 22 Mar 2022

The Idlewild Trust supports charities that improve opportunities for young professionals working in the arts, particularly at an early stage in their careers; and supporting the conservation of important works of art and objects that are being lost through the lack of funds to look after these works.

Edge Foundation: Innovation Grant Fund

£20,000 - £100,000 Deadline: no deadline

The Edge Innovation Fund (EIF) is a different approach to grant funding. The fund has opened with £300,000 available for 2021 and will be refreshed with new funds every January up until January 2025. The EIF has no closing date, applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis from the launch date (14th September) and reviewed at regular intervals.

Royal Society of Chemistry: Inclusion & Diversity Fund

No Min - £5,000 Deadline: 22 Apr 2022

Our Inclusion and Diversity Fund provides financial support for innovative products, activities and research projects that do just that.

The Percy Bilton Charity Grants

No Min - £5,000 Deadline: no deadline

The Percy Bilton Charity is a grant-making trust founded in 1962. Assistance is given to organisations and individuals in need throughout the U.K: charities assisting disadvantaged youth, people with disabilities, people with mental health problems and older people may apply for grants towards furnishings and equipment (excluding office items), building or refurbishment projects.

Buttle UK: Chances for Children Grants

No Min - £2,000 Deadline: no deadline

Chances for Children grants are individually tailored grants of up to £2,000 for children and young people who have experienced a crisis that has recently had a significant and enduring impact on their social and emotional wellbeing and educational engagement.

National Lottery: Awards for All

£300 - £10,000 Deadline: no deadline

With the COVID-19 pandemic still with us, we'll continue to support people and communities most adversely impacted by COVID-19.

National Lottery Community Fund: Bringing People Together

No Min - £300,000 Deadline: no deadline

The social fabric of communities across the UK is strengthened and deepened through bringing people together, in new and lasting ways.

National Lottery Community Fund: Growing Great Ideas

£150,000 - No Max Deadline: no deadline

We’re looking to invest in different combinations of people, communities, networks and organisations over the long term. They might be better described as ecologies, platforms, ecosystems, assemblages, networks and constellations – things that are generating an infrastructure through which many things are possible.

Sporting Capital Fund

No Min - £150,000 Deadline: no deadline

We can invest in organisations that are looking to develop new projects, operations and revenue streams. Our funding is flexible and can be used for a variety of costs.

The Henry Smith Charity: Strengthening Communities

£20,000 - £60,000 Deadline: no deadline

The Strengthening Communities grant programme is designed to support small charitable organisations working at grassroots level. Through this grant programme we want to make sure that our funding reaches the most disadvantaged areas of the UK, targeting places that are economically marginalised and affected by poverty.

Peter Harrison Foundation

No Min - No Max Deadline: no deadline

The Peter Harrison Foundation makes grants under four programmes: Opportunities through Sport, Special Needs and Care for Children and Young People, Opportunities through Education, Trustees' Discretion.

Central Social & Recreational Trust

No Min - £1,000 Deadline: no deadline

The CSRT aims to improve the conditions of boys and girls in England under the age of 21 and of all other persons by reasons of their poverty who would otherwise be unable to obtain facilities for recreational or other leisure time occupations.

John Lyons Charity: School Holiday Activity Fund

No Min - £4,000 Deadline: no deadline

The School Holiday Activity Fund (SHAF) is designed to enable organisations to deliver fun and accessible activities for children and young people during the school holidays through our School Holiday Activity Fund. This includes all half-term breaks, Easter, Christmas and the summer holiday. 

GUAP: The Black GUAP Fund

No Min - £100 Deadline: no deadline

A fund specifically for Black Creatives. We are all about action and sustainability. No Strings Attached. We will be giving £100 to support a new young black creator every week.

RBKC Youth Council Opportunities Fund

£150 - £250 Deadline: no deadline

The RBKC Youth Council Opportunities Fund is for young people experiencing hardship, who are in severe financial need, or for young people's development in a time of reduced services and social distancing.