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Esmée Fairburn Foundation

In 2022, the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation provided £36.2m in grant funding towards a wide range of work in support of their three main aims: to improve Our Natural World, secure A Fairer Future and nurture Creative, Confident Communities. They also have a £45m allocation to social investments and a £10m allocation to impact investments. Their funds are generated by their investment portfolio.

Applicants will need to show that:

  • Their organisation is leading the way itself, or is part of a partnership or collaboration which is aiming for transformative change.
  • The work is pioneering by breaking new ground, or using tried and tested models to push things forward in a new way.
  • The work is ambitious and aiming to make a long-term impact. To be funded by Esmée, it's not enough to be keeping good things going, you need to be driving change for the future.

What we are most likely to fund:

  • Unusual collaborations and ambitious partnerships which are delivering at scale and involving or engaging a range of charity, public sector or corporate stakeholders
  • Work which makes connections across our aims: Our Natural World, A Fairer Future, and Creative, Confident Communities.
  • Communities or people most affected being involved in campaigning or leading change.
  • Work which uses a preventative approach
  • Work that has practical plans to achieve and sustain change over the long term
  • For social investments, the existing or potential ability to repay our investment.
  • Alternative forms of investment and social investment in innovative models.

  • If you are still not sure if we are the right funder for you, please read our full funding guidance.


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