Including Disabled Children in Play Provision

Posted on: 15/03/2022 in: Children , Young People , News ,
Young K&C is proudly supporting the Children’s Play Policy Forum and the UK Play Safety Forum’s joint statement on Including Disabled Children in Play Provision.

The statement calls for councils to uphold the right and need of every child to play and to create accessible and inclusive play spaces as society has failed in producing enough accessible and inclusive places for children to play within a reasonable distance of their homes.

Nicola Butler, Young K&C CEO and Chair Children’s Play Policy Forum, said:

“This statement will help build a better understanding of the barriers which keep many disabled children and their families excluded from local play spaces. Overcoming these barriers will bring benefits for non-disabled children too, as they learn through their interactions and engagement with disabled friends and peers.”

Play is essential in providing children with happy, healthy lives as it is a key element in children’s wellbeing. Disabled children and young people currently face a number of barriers in accessing play spaces where they feel welcome and comfortable. We urgently need to prioritise the needs of disabled children and young people by producing accessible and inclusive places of play.

Young K&C is committed to working with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council alongside local service providers to create welcoming spaces which maximise the range of play opportunities offered by the equipment and the environment.

View the full statement by Children’s Play Policy Forum and the UK Play Safety Forum here:

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